Yury Gogotsi

International Jury

Yury Gogotsi

Materials Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Yury Gogotsi is a globally prominent scientist, born in Ukraine, who focuses primarily on materials chemistry and electrochemistry. He currently works as a chaired Distinguished University Professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia in materials science, engineering, and nanotechnology fields. He also holds the position of Director of the A. J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute. During his career he has received numerous awards for his research, including the S. Somiya Award from the International Union of Materials Research Societies, the Materials Research Society Medal, the Chemistry of Materials Award from the American Chemical Society, the Ceramic Prize form the World Academy of Ceramics, and many others.

Yury Gogotsi obtained his master's degree in metallurgy from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In 1986 he earned a PhD in physical chemistry from the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine. In 1995 he received a Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc.) in materials engineering. He has been involved in research that expanded the boundaries of science and produced new materials at universities around the world – in his native Ukraine and in Germany, Japan and Norway.

In 1996, Professor Gogotsi moved to the US, where he works now. He began working as Assistant Professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois in Chicago. In 2000, he moved from Chicago to Philadelphia, to Drexel University, where he currently leads the nanomaterials research group that focuses on the synthesis and electrochemistry of new nanostructured carbon materials and 2D carbides and nitrides (MXene materials family he discovered with his colleagues) that can be used in energy storage and generation, electronics, and biomedicine.

Professor Gogotsi is a prolific inventor with dozens of his patents licensed to industry, and the author of academic and scientific literature, co-authoring two books, and editing fourteen books. More than 800 of his articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals and he is one of the most cited researchers in the world in Chemistry and Materials Science.