Finalist of the category:
Outstanding Academic in Slovakia

Ladislav Janoušek

Electrical Engineering

There are many talented people in Slovakia, and many professionals who are also excellent teachers. With their creativity, they can provide added value to information and immediately transfer their knowledge into the educational process.

Prof. Ing. Ladislav Janoušek, PhD., works at the University of Žilina and studies electromagnetic biocompatibility and non-destructive electromagnetic defectoscopy. In his scientific research, he deals with the impact of artificial electromagnetic fields on the nutrition of cells.

Ladislav Janoušek works at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Žilina. He studies electromagnetic field interactions with living organisms and with conductive materials. His scientific team, which consists of educators and students, focuses on the impact of electromagnetic fields on the nutrition of cells in the body.

Since there has been an enormous increase in artificial sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as wireless technologies, in recent years, Professor Janoušek and his team are asking whether this electromagnetic field can negatively or positively impact living organisms in the non-thermal area. Therefore they address the issue of so-called electromagnetic biocompatibility.

According to Professor Janoušek, his scientific research does not bring direct financial benefits or new technologies to society. However, the results of his research are up to date and may have a social impact on prevention or therapy.The effects of electromagnetic fields on human tissues could significantly impact human health. In this respect, the professor sees the importance, timeliness and seriousness of his scientific activity.

Ladislav Janoušek did not always want to be a pedagogue or a scientist. As a child, he wanted to be a train conductor. After finishing primary school, he attended the Secondary Industrial Transport School in Košice. Thanks to the good results he achieved in high school, he decided to apply to the University of Transport and Communications in Žilina. After completing his doctoral studies, he moved to Japan for several years, where he completed an internship at a private research institute. In Japan, he was involved in the non-destructive testing of conductive materials, primarily for the nuclear industry. He was awarded the Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection Award for his research. Based on the results, he also received the Technologist of the Year Award of the Slovak Republic in Slovakia. After working in Japan, he returned to the University of Žilina in 2005, where he currently works.

Professor Janoušek got into teaching through the interplay of circumstances: "I never dreamed that I would be a teacher some day. My career evolved gradually and naturally; I never felt forced to do it. And so it was with my pedagogical activity." He says that a good teacher should be empathetic, patient, humble and principled. The biggest challenge for him as a teacher is finding ways to get the attention and interest of students. When he sees a spark of understanding in the eyes of students, he considers it a victory.

If he could make a difference in education, he would abolish the evaluation system and focus education on experiential activities. “There are many talented people in Slovakia, many professionals who are also excellent teachers. They can give information with added value and, at the same time, convey it to students in an appropriate form. The advantage is that there is no language or cultural barrier, and students can easily adapt to the university environment." If Professor Janoušek had to recommend something to future students or scientists, he would tell them to do their work with enthusiasm and love, so that their hunger for knowledge is never satisfied.